ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Ü. Gülsüm Polat

Keywords: The Arab Bureau, The Ottoman Empire, England, the First World War, Propaganda


The actions held for establishment of the Arab Bureau in Cairo which is one of measures taken by the England against propaganda and intelligence activities commenced along with participation of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War on the side of Germany will be emphasized in this study. Besides the all actions of the Bureau, aims of its establishment against the Turkish - German activities in the English authority area shortly before its establishment will be clarified. In particular, how The Holy War announced to raise religious senses was perceived by England will be emphasized and the tendency of public opinion before the Bureau's establishment will be evaluated. Furthermore, the developments concluding establishment of the Arab Bureau will be emphasized. In addition to these, worries and thought diversities of English fundamental regime against the actions concerned with establishment of the Bureau will also be emphasized.