ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Abdullah İlgazi

Keywords: Atatürk, Republic, Tokat, Home Trips


The study of the home trips that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had made in different times and the publication of the results obtained from these trips will contribute to a much better understanding of both the Republic period and the Independence War. The messages that he had given in these journeys should be apprehended completely and certainly told the next generations correctly. It necessary to look for the secret accomplishing so much insuch a shor time in this trips. Tokat, is located in the triangle of Amasya, Sivas and Erzurum where the preparations of the Independence War were operated intensely, has been an important transit way. While Mustafa Kemal was executing the preparations of the Independent War, he came to our province three times and was welcomed overwhelmingly. He mentioned this in a number of occasions. His works in Tokat and its environments, and the support that the region's people had given him played an important role in reaching to the victory at the end of the given this struggle of which was a life and death matter. Atatürk wanted to observe the operation of the State he founded and the effects of the revolutions, he introduced on the society and tried to solve himself the problems he encountered in some places. On one hand, he supervised the State institutions and on the other hand, he determined the needs of the country in places by communicating with the people face to face. These trips admired by the Turkish society are meaningful in that they had been performed in a period that important political and social changes were being experienced by the society. In this article, we examined the activities that Atatürk had performed in the journeys that I tried to summarize above.