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Sedat Çereci

Keywords: Mustafa Kemal, Turkish Grand National Assembly, Turkish People, Citizen, Leader


The life story of Mustafa Kemal is the story of a public which fight for their independence. Because Mustafa Kemal has spent ali his life for the independence war of Turkish public. Public are everybody who fights for an independent and free territory. Nobody has any privilege from one other in public for him. Ali religious men, journalists, religious chiefs, lawyers, soldiers, engineers who were in Turkish public gathered in the First Turkish Parliament in 1920. Mustafa Kemal has never lived in a different style from the public during his life; he always has lived in the conditions of an ordinary person in public. He has eaten with the ordinary individuals, walked with the public and sung together. Public have göne to meet him kilometers before the city where he has visited; not for currying favor but for arriving at one part of them.