ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Y. Atila Şehirli

Keywords: Ataturk, Turkish Revolution, Youth, Ataturk’s Principles, Tuy


Atatürk made real Turkish revolution and its biggest present is "Republic Of Turkish State" Atatürk was young when he started National struggle. He always acted with the Turkish Youth when he founded Turkish State as well as making the revolution. Atatürk expected a lot from the youth for the Future of Turkish State and entrusted to the youth. Atatürk also aimed that Our National Culture could be above contemporary civilization level. To be able to reach that aim; It is compulsory to educate healthy, successful, studious and Kemalist Youth. In many speeches Atatürk always expressed his faith and hope for the Turkish youth. Turkish Youth should identify itself with Kemalism which is the "National Ideology" In this way it should be their duties for the Turkish Nation and The State. Meanwhile, Turkish State has a duty to protect "Turkish Youth" as well according to the 58. artiactle of The constitution.