ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Esin Derinsu Dayı

Keywords: Elviye-i Selase, Kars, Ardahan, Batum, Nahcivan, Congresses


At the end of the Ottoman-Russia that was in 1877-78, accordance with the treaty of Ayestafanos in 3rd of March 1878, Elviye-i Selase (KarsArdahan and Batum) have been given to Russians as a war indemnity, but according to the treaty of Brest-Litovsk which was signed as a result of the I. World war, these lands have been joined to Turkey again.

In this essay, with Elviye-i Selase, Nakhichevan's status has been examined, too, that is important for Turkey, and the importance of it's has been determined.

In these two regions, Turkish organization has been handled, in congresses of Kars and Erzurum Congress, Nakhichevan's situation has been examined.

By the end of National Struggle, Elviye-i Selase and Nakhichevan have been seen as a whole, with the treaty of Moscow, Elviye-i Selase and Nakhichevan's togetherness has been end, that was since the beginning of the National Struggle.

As a result of the treaties which were made, except Kars and Ardahan, Batum has been given to Georgia, but Turkey has tried of Nakhichevan staying as a self-governing territory under auspices of Azerbaijan and being guarded with protection like that.