ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Nurettin Gülmez

Keywords: Anadolu'da Yeni Gün, The Proclamation of the Republic, Ankara, Anatolian Movement, Republic, İstanbul Press


In this essay, the viewpoint of the Anadolu'da Yeni Gün, published in Ankara, about the developments relating to the proclamation of the republic has been studied. The news, comments, and articles concerning the republic published in this newspaper have been the source of this study. The Yeni Gün, was one of the two newspapers which were published in Ankara and had a policy in favour of the Anatolian Movement. Of the two newspapers, the Hakimiyet-i Milliye was the newspaper of the Anatolian Movement, whereas the Anadolu'da Yeni Gün was of a more independent character. For that reason, its views about the events attract more attention. However, it is a revolutionary newspaper in favour of the national sovereignty and independence. The Yeni Gün was in the center of discussions beginning two months before the proclamation of the republic and accelerating from the 27th of September 1923 on and continuing till the end of November 1923. After this date, the discussions continued heavily on the topic of caliphate. The Yeni Gün followed a policy saying "There is noting like the proclamation of the republic" before its proclamation, and "The republic has existed for three and a half years, what was done just consist of names giving to the thing that was present" after its proclamation. The Yeni Gün, a warm supporter of the republic, fought against the Istanbul newspapers which attacked Ankara and the republic. Under the pretext of the changes in the constitution, Ankara's being the capital and the governmental crisis, and also Rauf Beys explanations over the proclamation of the republic. İt also summoned the government to be more determined, to suppress the ones who attacked the revolutions, and, in fact, to cut their heads off. İt acted just like a revolutionist.