ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Osman Akandere

Keywords: 1946 Elections, Democratic Party, People’s Republican Party, Opposition Parties, Discussion


External and internal conditions emerged after the World War II forced Turkey to pass multi-party democratic life. As a result of the democratic atmosphere after the war, first, the National Development Party and then the Democratic Party which will play more effective role in Turkish Political life were founded. After that date, CHP which held of the management mechanism, repealed anti-democratic laws or smooth them on behalf of the demands of the foreign policy and opposition. In this context, two levels electoral system was abolished and one grade selection procedure was adopted. As if CHP, the ruling party, wanted to show the nation's political maturity and democratic tendencies of the regime to the world, they put the elections one year earlier that will be held in 1947 without allowing the opposition to organize. The Democratic Party's response to this ruling precipitancy was not to participate in municipal elections, but the same the reaction could not be shown to the general election. The Democratic Party which had to move on the way that the power switch, couldn't provide a numerical majority in the elections in every place where they were unprepared and couldn't nominate, but the favour of the people to the party and the party members was promising for the future. Because of being comprehensive and being 43 pages we have the obligation to give this study in two seperate sections. Therefore, as the first part of our section; from the declaration of the Republic until 1946 elections Turkish Democracy, until the 1946 elections the ruling-opposition relations, pre 1946 elections parties election propaganda is discussed.