ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Nurettin Gülmez

Keywords: İnspectorship, Zeki Pasha, the National Movement, the Dİsciplinary Force, The İstanbul Admınistration


One of the organization founded in Anatolia in order to prevent the National Movement against the Allied Powers and İstanbul Government was the Extraordinary General İnspectorship of Anatolian Reforms. Zeki Pasha, the Field Marshal, was brought to the head of this organization founded on the 28th of April 1920. He tried to direct the Dİsciplinary Force and then to found the War Force in place of the Dİsciplinary Force, but with little or no effect. For a moment he contacted Mustafa Kemal in Ankara, but he couldn't get a positive result out of it. The differences of the ideas among the Allied Powers prevented him from acting freely about the policy towards the National Movement. So he was stopped from establishing the organization and on the third of November 1920. İt was closed. Thus the organization which was meant to annihilate the National Movement was annihilated itself.