ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Erol Evcin

Keywords: Tourism, Tourism History, Promotion, Propaganda, Tourist, PressEdition and Tourism General Directorate


At the present time, tourism is one of the elements which has a significant impact on Turkey's current situation and future as many countries in terms of economic, political and social aspects. In this sense, it is important to examine the phases of tourism in Turkey from a historical perspective, to support by better understanding of the existing tourism organization and activities, to take steps towards a more successful future for contributing to country's tourism industry. In this context, Press-Publication and Tourism General Decorate operating between the years 1949-1957 under prime ministry has an important place in the tourism history of Turkish. In this period increased the importance of tourist promotion and propaganda activities, within the framework of a contemporary understanding, it is a necessity introducing of Turkey's historical and natural beauties to the country's people and foreign people; creating a positive image, travel possibilities and opportunities in the country to tourists. The economic, political and social gains provided by tourism in the country were not ignored, so tourist promotion and propaganda activities were among the main duties of Press-Publication and Tourism General Directorate. Working in this direction was supported by municipalities, voluntary and private organizations, science and art people.

In the scope of work, tourist promotion and propaganda activities in the period of Press-Publication and Tourism General Decorate which was an important milestone in Turkish tourism are under debate. As a result, if is intended to contribute to the social history research and to shed light on the history of tourism studies.