ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Mustafa Eski

Keywords: Mondros Armistice, Kastamonu, Açıksöz Nevvspaper


During the years of the War of Independence, the connection between Ankara and abroad was established via inebolu in the province of Kastamonu. Apart from the transport of the weapons and ammunition, visitors. (to Ankara) from İstanbul or abroad follewed the same route. For this reason, many important native and foreign induviduals passed through Kastamonu. The "Açıksöz" nevvspaper published news on this matter, it con- ducted intervievvs with some of the visitors to inform its readers. Many important people of literatüre, politics and media can be found amongst those who passed through Kastamonu. Some of these can be named as: İsmail Habip Sevük, Mahmet Akif Ersoy, Tunalı Hilmi, Yiısuf Akçura, Ahmet Ağaoğlu, I. Hakkı Uzunçarşılı, Mustafa Necati, Ahmet Emin Yalman, Hamdullah Suphi Tanrıöver, Rauf Orbay ve Kazım'Karabekir. ■ ' In addition, besides members of the Azerbajani and Buhara 'goverments, political representatives from westem countries such as USA, Britain and Russia came Kastamonu. The French joumalist, Madam B. Gaulis, who passed through Ka- tamonu twice, was one of the many foreign visitors.