ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Ali Dikici

Keywords: Police Archives, Mustafa Kemal, İsmet İnönü, Çerkez Ethem, Assassination Attempts


The opposition movements against Atatürk, almost every single period from the beginning of National Struggle until his death, even resulted in the attempts to kill him with a motivation of rage, hate and revenge. Hence, it is known that a large number of assassination plans were made against Atatürk. It is possible to see some domestic and foreign actors behind the scene related to those attempts. However none of those attempts managed to reach to their goals since police were aware of them in most of the cases. Two attempts are of significance among the others, namely in 1926 in İzmir and in 1935 by Çerkez Ethem and thus they were mentioned in mass media repeatedly. In this study, the assassination attempts against Mustafa Kemal, İsmet İnönü and other Turkish leaders starting from the National Struggle till Second World War are examined by employing police records in the archive. Information about the incidents has also been provided by use of the newspapers of the dates.