ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Ramazan Boyacıoğlu

Keywords: Atatürk, Revolution, Latin, Arab Alphabet


Turkish people had used many different alphabet in history. They also used the Arab alphabet for a long time after they accepted İslam. But in time, that alphabet become inadequate to read and write Turkish easily. Because there are eight or nine vowels in Turkish, hoewer the Arab alphabet does not have vowels. The Ottoman intellectuals of the last period understood what a difficult for the Turkish people to learn reading and writing with the Arab alphabet and they spent six years for that. So they indicated that was against the Otto¬man people and said that the Arab letters had to be improved and make easy reading and writing. Thus far, the Ottoman intellectuals began the workins of improvement of the Arab letters. But, those workings of the intellectuals did not assure to facİlitate. On the contrary, the new letters that were put forward rendered difficult to read and write. By the time, Avram Galanti made the best one of those vvorkings. But in reality the easiest of the letters were new Turkish letters, made from the La¬tin alphabet and thanks to Atatürk, these new Turkish letters were accepted.