ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Erol Evcin


Importance of the demonstrations by which invasions of the allied powers in Anatolia were rebelled and the fair voice of the Turkish people was announced to the whole world public opinion, during the national period, is quite important. In this context, the study discusses the demonstrations, commemoration ceremonies and ovations which were organized in the Bolu district in order to censure the invasions initiated in Anatolia following the Mondros Ceasefire Agreement, express the trust of the Turkish people in Atatürk and their support to him, express their trust in and support to Turkish Grand National Assembly, give morale to people in the regions of the invasions and the soldiers in the battlefields in Anatolia and celebrate the successes of the Turkish army. These demonstrations which were performed in the Bolu district which is located in strategic region between two important centers of Ankara and Istanbul, with the participation of many people, set forth the union and solidarity of the Bolu people in the national struggle and expressed their perseverance in the subject of saving the country from the invasion of allied powers. Key Words: Bolu, National Struggle, Demonstration, commemoration ceremony, Ovations.