ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Bünyamin Kocaoğlu

Keywords: The Journal named of, The History of the Turkish Republic, Source, Ingredient Turkish Republic, Historical journals of


The history of Turkish Revelation (1919-1923) has explicitly an important segment within the general Turkish history. In so far the studies that have done, obstructed the genuine information from the consisted documents off the records of the Great Turkish National Assembly, archaically manuscripts, news papers and magazines, published in the Republican area, official statistics and other sources. It therefore can be suggested that the history of Turkish revelation more extremely covers up the historical events considering the vast quantity of the original documents. It also should be stated that the Turkish revolutionary history has an essential advantage within the genuine documents comparing with the rest of the Turkish history. As a result of these abundant historical sources, a researcher has always a choice of documents for a devised studies. One of the most important sources for Turkish Republican history İs named as "Ayın Tarihi" -The history of the month-. It first published in the September of 1923. It has a long duration of publishing comparing with the other magazines of the Turkish history. It contains an essential clues for the Turkish social, fiscal and political life within the republican area. It has also deals with the foreign policy of the republican administrative body. In the devised study the magazine will be scrutinized considering the index of the subjects between the issues of 1 till 86 which were published within the years of 1923-1931.