ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Abdurahman Bozkurt

Keywords: Allied Powers, Greece, Turkey, Ottoman Empire, National Movement


After the Mudros Armistic, the Allied War Powers invaded Ottoman states by breaching armistic. Greek which was supported by Allied Powers except İtaly, invaded west Asia Minor and east Thrace. Ottoman Governments which was under pressure made no sign to the invaders. In this circumstances Turkish National Forces started to struggle with invaders. This struggle converted to Grece-Turkish War which known as Asia Minor War in the Greek history and Independence War in the Turkish history. While Greeks invaded Ottoman states vital political movements happened in Greece. After the death of King Alexander, Venizelos cabinet which suppported by Allies, fell from power and King Konstantin came back to throne. After those develelopments Allied Powers stopped to supporting Greece. In the meantime Great Britain announced that by orders, the existing list of arms and amnunition and smilar goods prohibited to be exported from United Kingdom has been revoked, and a new list substituted. The export of several articles on the previous list unrestricted by new list. After that Allied Powers, issue an announcement to the effect that, as the Allies are neutral in the Grece-Turkish War.