ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Osman Akandere

Keywords: 1946 Elections, Democratic Party, People’s Republican Party, Opposition Parties, Discussion


Before the 1946 elections and during the elections, the most support to the CHP the ruling party made by the civil servants and the supervisors who worked fort he state. When the officiousness of the election committee and some members of the CHP added to this support overshadowed the reliability of the election and the innocence of the votes. The election law that included non-democratic principles like open vote and secret classification allowed the fraud and corruption. Turkish society reacted in democratic standards to the mortgage which wanted to be put their will since the first day. Unfortunately these responses couldn't prevent the 1946 general elections to take part in history as "stained" or "fraudulent". Because of being comprehensive and being 43 pages we have the obligation to give this study in two seperate sections. Therefore, (ın Number: 75) as the first part of our section; from the declaration of the Republic until 1946 elections Turkish Democracy, until the 1946 elections the ruling-opposition relations, pre 1946 elections parties election propaganda is discussed. And in this study section the 1946 elections parties' candidates, 1946 elections, and the discussion about the results of election will be considered.