ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Muttalip Şimşek

Keywords: The War of Tripoli, The Ottoman Empire, German Red Cross Society, Hilal-i Ahmer Society, Gharian German Military Hospital


Together with the Geneva Convention (1864), the principle of protecting soldiers who were wounded or enslaved on the battlefields, regardless of their religion, language and nationality, was adopted, and internationally recognized red crosses were established. The German Red Cross Society was one of them and it carried out important works on the Ottoman front line in the War of Tripoli (1911-1912), which the Ottoman Empire had with Italy. In the February-June period of 1912, the German Red Cross, which responded positively to the call of the Hilal-i Ahmer Society with the outbreak of the war, conducted a health study by establishing a military hospital in the town of Gharian, near Aziziye, for about five months.

In this study, firstly the reasons of the war of Tripoli will be briefly explained, and then the call of the Ottoman Hilal-i Ahmer Society will be informed about the attitude of the German Red Cross Central Committee against this call. In addition, the medical team sent to Tripoli will be formed and the personnel and the materials to be sent to the region will be introduced to Tripoli in a detailed manner. After the health care team has established the Gharian German Military Hospital, the work and difficulties will be evaluated separately. In the light of the records of the doctors, the health map of the region and the number of those treated according to the diseases will be given as tables. Finally, examples of Turkish soldiers who are injured (with bullets or shrapnel pieces) and their treatments will be given; with the departure of Gharian, the German medical team will explain the organization of the work in the region.