ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Fahri Kılıç

Keywords: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Arabic Alphabet, Latin Alphabet, Turkology Congress


Latin alphabet has been used in Azerbaijan since 1922 in addition to Arabic alphabet. Azerbaijan's switch to Latin alphabet set an example to the alphabet change in Turkey. Decision taken in 1st Turkology Congress held in Baku to use Latin alphabet for all Turks and the idea to strengthen the cultural ties among Turkish states were effective in adoption of the Latin alphabet in Turkey. Immediately after this development, the discussions on alphabet that started during the Reform Era restarted in Turkish public. Adoption of the Latin alphabet by Azerbaijan and other Central Asian Turkish communities caused Turkish intellectuals and organizations like Turkish Hearths support the alphabet change. Azeri intellectuals also advocated the alphabet change in Turkey with their articles published in the important newspapers and journals of the period.

Discussions that centered on Azerbaijan's switch to Latin alphabet were similar in Turkey as well and it was suggested that the society would not be enlightened and literacy problem would not be resolved without alphabet change and also relationships with other Turkish communities would be strengthened if Latin alphabet was used instead of the Arabic alphabet.

This study which aimed to determine the impact of the alphabet change in Azerbaijan on Turkey utilized document review technique, one of the qualitative research methods. In addition to literature reviews, archived resources, periodicals and investigations were used in this study. Based on the findings, the effects of the alphabet change implemented in Azerbaijan on the alphabet change in Turkey were explored. The study also addressed the outcomes of using the Latin alphabet in Turkey and Azerbaijan.